Monday, August 16, 2010

JUMss tengok the latest cookies!

Chocolate Treasure
Cornflakes with chocolate

Coffee Oil
(Full of coffee flavors and splash with chunky almond on top)

Makmur Cookies
Kuih tradisional sejak turun temurun

StrawBerry Cookies
Full of strawberry flavors

Havana Sparkle
Rolled up in a marble size full of chocolate with almond inside

StrawBerry Chocolate
Fully coated with chocolate shape in LOVE shape

Cappuccino cookies with chocolate and sprays of almond nuts

Almond Slice
square in shape with chunky slice of almond on TOP

SnowWhite Coconut Cookies
(Rangup & crispy with sprays of coconut filling
Lovely & sgt sheedapp)



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